I am Ali Shtarbanov and my mission is to make prototyping and innovation in emerging fields more rapid and more accessible. I develop general-purpose tools and platforms that enable makers, researchers, artists, and designers to rapidly be able to build the ideas and futures they envision. Inspired by platforms like Arduino and Raspberry PI that liberated electronics and computing for everyone, my current work focuses on building and deploying novel hardware & software platforms aimed at liberating soft robotics and programmable materials for everyone. I am currently a Ph.D. student MIT Media Lab.


Other Works

Modular Organizer for Eyeglasses

Personal Design Project

Dual Microphone Noise Reduction

Undergraduate Independent Study. LabView Implementation


Capacitive-Touch Storytelling & Drawing Interface



Interactive Interface + Storyboard for an Escape Room that uses static electricity to bend water. Product Design Course at MIT


Interactive Challenge + Storyboard for an Escape Room based on the Chladny Plate Phenomenon. Graduate Product Design Course at MIT


Interactive Interface + Storyboard for an Escape Room based on the Hydrodynamic Levitation Effect. Product Design Course at MIT


Personalized Movie Recommendations via Physiological Responses of Viewers

General-Purpose PCB Designs

Universal MCU Shield

A wiring shield that drastically simplifies wiring complexity during rapid prototyping with most microcontrollers

Vortex Generator Driver

A driver board suitable for any speaker-based vortex generator with up to 6 transducers

Device Libraries for Arduino/C++