Eyeglasses Organizer

Modular, Wall-mounted Organizer for Eyeglasses

Misplacing eyeglasses and not being able to find them easily is a very common problem I frequently encounter. The solution for it is to have a designated space just for eyeglasses, which also makes it very convenient for one to put on and to remove eyeglasses from it. Commercially available organizers for eyeglasses allow easy placement but make removal much more challenging. Thus, I designed a wall-mounted organizer that makes not only the placement but also the removal of eyeglasses quick and convenient. I made the organizer fully modular, and in such a way that the pieces fit inside the main structure. The organizer consists of a CNC machined block of wood, four wooden rods, two 3D printed parts on the front that hold the rods, and two 3D printed components on the back that screw into the parts on the front. Initially, I designed this with a single rod, but the glasses would get caught and removing them was difficult. I then switched to a four-rod design, which solved that problem.

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