Excited to announce that we're organizing a full-day 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐩 on lowering the barriers to prototyping, innovation, and design with dynamic materials and soft robotics, and democratizing access opportunities. The workshop will take place during the ACM conference DIS'23 ...


On Mar. 30, 2023, I will have the pleasure to deliver a public talk at Cornell University as part of their Robotics Seminar series, titled "Developing and Deploying Platforms for Real-World Impact: FlowIO Platform." The full abstract is below...


I am excited to be giving a 1-hour talk at the Hackaday Europe 2023 conference, on March 25 in Berlin. My talk will be addressing questions such as: What does it take to create and deploy development platforms for real-world impact? Why do we need platforms and how...


I decided to donate the $25,000 TechBriefs award to MIT in order to establish a new nonprofit fund within MIT to advance my cause: Making prototyping and innovation in emerging fields (a) more rapid and (b) easily accessible to people from all backgrounds… 


It was quite fascinating to see my work and interview featured as a cover story in the November issue of Tech Briefs magazine! You can find the full unabridge version of the interview online at


It has been an honor to be an Inspirational Speaker and a Panelist at the IEEE IROS 2022 Soft Robots for Humanity workshop in Kyoto, Japan! Thanks to the organizers for bring some of the most renowned...


Ali Shtarbanov and Dr. Juliana Cherston, researchers in the Media Lab’s Responsive Environments group, were each top prize winners in the Tech Briefs 2022 Create the Future Design Contest!


Ali Shtarbanov and Irmandy Wicaksono, PhD students in the Responsive Environments group at MIT Media Lab, have been honored in the 2022 Core77 Design Awards! 


PneuBots Toolkit by Hye Jun Youn with collaborator Ali Shtarbanov has been selected as the Winner of the Core77 Design Award in the Design Education Category! 


I am thrilled to share that FlowIO has been chosen as the Grand Prize Winner of the 2021 Hackaday Prize - the world's largest hardware design challenge! I would like to say a special thank you to...


Today, I had the pleasure to be the host for the Hackaday Hack Chat event, and to cover the topic of soft robotics! It was a great experience to receive so many questions from the live audience!


Congratulations to Responsive Environments PhD student Ali Shtarbanov, whose project FlowIO was selected as the Grand Prize Winner at this year’s Hackaday Prize design challenge!


Thank you to everyone who attended and made possible our hybrid workshop at the CHI'22 conference exploring challenges, opportunities, and the future of Soft Robotics and Programmable Materials.


I was very honored to be invited to speak at  De Vinci Innovation Cente, in Paris, and at University of Paris - Sclay about liberating innovation and creativity through the development and deployment of platforms...


I had the pleasure to give two public keynote talks, in London. One at Imperial College and a second one at University College London. It was great to see that nearly 200 people attended the talks during...


Congratulations to Responsive Environments PhD student Ali Shtarbanov together with Hye Jun Youn and Ozgun Kilic Afsar for winning iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD 


FlowIO, a modular pneumatics development platform has received International Design Awards (IDA) in two categories— Gold in Robotics, Silver in Education / Self-learning devices.. 


Call for Participation - CHI’22 Workshop on Soft Robotics for HCI. At the ACM CHI’22 Conference, we are organizing a hybrid workshop that will explore how to make...